Research consultant

I have supervised students in statistics (time series analysis and multivariate analysis in particular) and econometrics since 1982.

I have assisted colleagues from several universities from the world with their research papers, PhD and Master theses. I helped them to use appropriate research methodologies, statistical methods and computing techniques. My contribution to their research was significant and acknowledged in the published papers.

I have acted as consultant to doctoral, post-graduate and undergraduate students from New Zealand, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Malaysia, U.S.A., Macedonia, Italy, Nigeria, Ukraine, Qatar and Bosnia & Herzegovina regarding statistical methods and computing. Here are some of the research topics I've been consulted on in the past 5 years:

Topic Area Country
Mental health nurses’ personal physical activities Nursing New Zealand
Lost time injury frequency analysis Health, safety & environment Serbia
Foreign direct investment and economic growth in EU Economy Croatia
On-time performance and code-sharing analysis Economy Austria
Modulating brain oscillations to drive brain function Psychology Austria
Impact of career anchors on relationship between management styles and team efficiency Psychology Croatia
Risk management of allergenic food ingredients in hospitality Hospitality Serbia
A model for increasing business revenue based on innovative sales strategies Management Serbia
Ownership concentration and corporate performance Corporate governance Serbia
Development of teachers' competences for education for sustainable development Pedagogy Serbia
International wellbeing study Psychology New Zealand
The impact of heather (Calluna vulgaris) on native shrub species in tussocklands of the central Plateau, North Island, New Zealand Botany New Zealand
Student use of sources: A collaborative investigation of resource use in psychology assignments Psychology New Zealand
The necessity of human communication including face-to-face interaction of accountants in the trend of workplace virtualisation Accounting New Zealand
Forecasting BET volatility Time Series Analysis Romania
Impact of student’s wellbeing on course completion and final grade Psychology New Zealand
Gambling functional assessment in recreational gamblers Psychology New Zealand
Impact of delivery mode and socio-demographics on the academic performance of auditing students Accounting New Zealand
Science education in middle schools: an investigation of the relationships between curriculum, role, and values Education New Zealand
How do Indian children communicate and engage in learning, in an early childhood setting in New Zealand? Education New Zealand
Trial and error or planned success? Do the SMEs in Manawatu-Wanganui region know how to purchase internet marketing services and website development effectively? Management New Zealand
Online tertiary students have library services available to support and enhance their learning, but does the point of contact made between these students and the library service make a tangible difference to the use of library service and ultimately to student academic achievement? Library Study New Zealand
What kinds of mental models do individuals have of the bibliographic universe and the entities that constitute it in an age of online and electronic information, and what conceptual model most closely represents these mental models? Library Study New Zealand
Creating growth and change in early childhood settings through professional and collaborative focus and dialogue Education New Zealand
Testing a hypothesis that giving students an exemplar assignment have an impact on their academic performance in the business communication course Business Communication New Zealand
Ranking of banks in Serbia Operation Research Serbia
Effects of ICT and social networks on social relationship Information Systems Italy
Effects of dynamic wind load on safety of high structures Engineering Bosnia & Herzegovina
Currencies and their exchanges: Hedging and investment applications Economy Serbia
An evaluation of the volatility of share prices of the Nigerian stock market Time Series Analysis Nigeria
The impact of inflation targeting strategy on economic growth and development of Serbia Economy Serbia
Match and mismatch between the students learning styles and teachers teaching styles for Iranian students who are majoring in EMSs (English Major Students) Education Malaysia
Modelling market shares volatility using GARCH models Time Series Analysis Bosnia & Herzegovina
Relationship between managers with different ethnic background and employees. Their attitude toward cultural dimension individualism/collectivism Management Macedonia
Relationship between fiscal decentralization and local environment management - Effectiveness of China’s environmental accountability system Economy U.S.A.
The role, impact and development of community archives in New Zealand Library Studies New Zealand
Information-seeking to support wellbeing Psychology New Zealand
Sport injuries and sleeping disorder Sport Qatar
Confounding in Cox regression models - Identification and control Sport Qatar
The influence of geomorphological modifiers on the polymorphism of valleys in the karst of the Carpathian-Balkan mountains of Serbia Geography Serbia
Factors affecting e-government services adoption in Ukraine from e-ready citizens’ perspective Information Systems Ukraine
The nature of extracurricular educational activities in the planetarium and their contribution to improving the quality of teaching geography and physics Education Serbia
Business cycles analysis in Serbia Economy Serbia
Determinants of domestic and corporate savings in Bosnia and Herzegovina Economy Bosnia & Herzegovina
Determinants of SME exporting Economy Italy
Impact of asymmetric information on the risk in banking system Economy Bosnia & Herzegovina