Government Advisor

In 1989 I was appointed to the position of Government Advisor (Eng | Ser). In early 1990, as an adviser in the Yugoslav Federal Ministry of Trade, I was responsible for setting up and implementing information systems for monitoring, analysing, interpreting and presenting statistics about short-term economic fluctuations in the Yugoslav economy.

My duties included:

  • Construction and implementation of time series and econometric models for short-term forecasting and generating short-term economic forecasts for the Federal Government and their Ministries
  • Co-writing monthly reports about short-term economic conditions and ad-hoc reports on specific topics (e.g. modelling markets for a specific product)
  • Liaising with the Federal Statistical Office to ensure timely access and quality of statistical data used for forecasting and analysis in the Ministry of Trade
  • Supervising up to 5 administrative staff
  • Writing and delivering seminars on forecasting techniques
  • Organising and delivering software packages training to Federal Government employees